10 Agent Secrets for Selling Your Home

June 16, 2020


Selling your home takes a variety of tactics in order to get the best results for your property type, needs and market conditions. 

Here are some top selling secrets to keep in mind when selling your home in Squamish!

#1: Price it right

Don’t overprice! Pricing your home too high (above market value) can lead to costly outcomes, including prolonged time on the market, no buyers, and nervous lenders. Work with your trusted agent to find the right price for your property and market conditions. 

For more information about pricing your home right, read my blog post here.


#2: Keep closets half-empty

When tidying your home to get ready for showings, it’s important to not only think about cleanliness, but to also consider creating scenarios that show off the amount of storage in your home. One prime example of this is to eliminate any unnecessary items from your largest storage areas including your closets, leaving empty space. Not only does this help your home look clutter-free, but it makes the impression that there is storage aplenty!

#3: Light it up

Let your home speak for itself! Making sure that your Squamish home is well-lit not only contributes to a more comfortable ambiance, but it will allow homebuyers to see the important features of your home better. 

Effective, bright lighting is always well-received and comfortable for anyone that walks through your door!


#4: Find an attentive real estate agent

Sure, your home can speak for itself, but there’s a lot behind the scenes that an excellent real estate agent can do to ensure your home is met with the right buyer. Be sure to find an agent that is very attentive to the market, including current market statistics, other homes in the area and the multiple listing service (MLS), and have access to the type of resources and technology available to sell your home in today’s digital age. 

Your real estate agent should also demonstrate sincere interest in your success and provide you with knowledge and insights so you’re left with all the answers you need to confidently sell your home.

Cat sitting on chair in home

#5: Conceal your pets

Pet hair begone! While your furry friend is typically a welcoming presence to all of your visitors, when it comes to showings it’s best to let your home welcome your potential buyers rather than your pet. 

If you anticipate a day of multiple showings: 

  • Try to send your furry friends to the sitter for the day
  • Ensure pet hair is at a minimum, both in your home and on your clothes.
  • Put away food bowls, litter boxes and any other pet items.


#6: Give your home some TLC

Selling your home means thinking about all the areas of your home that could use some extra attention. That said, it’s easy to get carried away and aim to strive for perfection, but it’s important to remember that a huge overhaul of your home likely won’t give you the returns you expect. Instead, focus on the smaller projects that upgrade your home. 

If you’re not sure where to start, ask your agent!

#7: Take the home out of your house

Your house is beautiful and your touches is what makes your house feel like a home.

But when you’re looking to sell your home, your potential buyers want to see their own life in your home to see if it is the right fit for their lifestyle! With that in mind, it’s important to downplay the personality in your home so that your potential homebuyers can envision their style, furniture and way of life in your home. 

If you aren’t sure what parts of your home could be downplayed, talk to your agent during your walkthrough!


#8: The kitchen comes first

The kitchen makes the biggest impression and, when upgraded right, can pay dividends when it comes to the types of offers you receive. It’s that important.

If your kitchen is outdated, it’s quite common that a homebuyer will offer you less than your asking price. Even though, above, I mentioned that you don’t need an extreme makeover to sell your home, the majority of your efforts (such as painting and replacing countertops) should be paid towards getting your kitchen as updated as possible. 

When your agent walks through your home with you, be sure to talk about what aspects of your kitchen could use a facelift and focus on those areas first when getting ready for showings. 


#9: Always be ready to show

You never know when your buyer is going to walk through the door. It can be easy to revert back to your typical habits when there’s a lull in viewings, but try as much as possible to make it a habit to keep your home clean, organized and ready for a showing.


#10: The first impression goes a long way

The outside of your home is important too. Many potential homebuyers drive past your home prior to officially visiting for a viewing! 

Improvements to the outside of your home can include upgrading your front garden with colourful flowers and shrubs, ensuring that the lawn is always mowed, and keeping any outdoor clutter to a minimum. 

Thinking about listing? Let’s talk!