Is it time to move? Create a wishlist to find your perfect place!

June 17, 2021


There’s a good chance that you’ve spent a lot of time in your home over the past year, and maybe you think that it’s time to downsize, right-size or simply change location! This is a great time to evaluate your current home so that you know what’s really important for your next!

Here’s a list of questions to evaluate your current home so you can find more comfort and pleasure in your next one.

Get to know your home!

  • What’s your favourite part about your house?
  • And your least favourite?
  • Do you like the style of your home? 
  • Which is your favourite room to spend time in? Why?

How do you feel when you’re at home?

  • Do you have enough space or too much? Which rooms would you adjust?
  • Do you have enough bedrooms? How about bathrooms? Do you have too many? (Be honest!)
  • Do you like the number of floors and amount of stairs involved? Does it make sense long-term?
  • Are you happy with the light? Do you have enough windows and are they in the correct spot?
  • Do you like the fixtures and finishes?
  • Is there a specialized room you’ve never had but have always wanted (such as a home office, workout room, sewing room, laundry room or mudroom)?

What’s outside?

  • If you have an outdoor space, do you enjoy spending time there?
  • If you don’t have one, do you feel like you’re missing out?
  • Do you enjoy taking care of a yard or would you prefer a weekend away?
  • Does your home have (and need) curb appeal? 
  • Do you have adequate parking? Is a garage or carport a must-have?
  • How much time and effort does the exterior require for upkeep (painting, staining, etc.)?

Your neighbourhood

  • Are you happy with your neighbourhood? Think about all its characteristics, including walkability, parks, nearby activities, density, noise level and neighbour involvement.
  • Do you have to travel far for basics such as groceries or a doctor’s appointment?
  • Are you happy with your commute?
  • Are there enough activities going on around you — or too many?

Be honest as you answer these questions, and ask yourself if the answers will be the same in 2 years, five years and ten years. Discover what’s truly important to your comfort and happiness at home.